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Afrikikos Boutique and Art Gallery. a joint project with The Durham Jazz Renaissance Foundation, is pleased to introduce our new Artist in Residence, Ms. Damita Hicks. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Damita Hicks, is a grass-roots, mostly self-taught African American, female artist based in Chapel Hill, NC  for over 20 years. Damita identifies as an artivist, an artist who advocates for social justice, especially, in her life matters, for those of Black Diasporic descent in the USA.

“Chapel Hill and Durham have such dedicated and thriving communities of talented and caring people, that I feel very welcomed and inspired to create in my own art style.  Through my work of many years, I’ve developed a unique technique for painting, using pure wax-based crayons, to produce what has been described as the most archival of artworks.  Think about the vibrant 3,000 year old funerary masks of ancient Greece and the lasting beauty of original colors done with wax. I truly enjoy working with colors and mediums of all types, but I’m especially pleased when working in my unique and creative way.

My hope is that people will be able to connect with my art, evoked through a medium with which most of us commonly used to color as children – crayon – but in an excitingly new and different form.  The crayons’ smells, texture, and colors may take the viewer back to a time of innocence, while the newly developed technique, showing detailed images in luminous tones, may inspire a sense of wonder at what can be done with a commonly used art medium.

My art, also, is dedicated to the inspiration of others around the world to envision peace, pray, collaborate and unify in a collective effort”.

Some examples of Damita’s art work are below.  For further information, private viewing, and/or for procuring, please contact and leave a message for Damita at Afrikikos@frontier.com




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