Board Members

William McLaughlin
William McLaughlin is a practicing pharmacist for over 37 years, a pianist for 45 years and a jazz musician whose interest in jazz has followed him since high school.  He has been known throughout the City of Durham, Durham County and the State of North Carolina community as an avid jazz artist committed to keeping the art of jazz alive, especially in communities of color.  In 1988, he established the Winston Band and continues to be the owner, conductor and keyboard artist. His fervent desire is to re-introduce jazz to African-American youth.

Dr. Beverly McLaughlin
Dr. “Mack” is a retired licensed psychologist, a career to which she dedicated her professional life for over 30 years, and collaborated through clinical work with thousands of clients including private practice, universities, clinics, public school systems, and several other business institutes. Her specialty area was empowering, especially, African American, females to develop healthy boundaries and maximize their potential.

Beverly brings to the DJRF her continued passion for human development. Through the health and wellness created by Jazz and community engagement, her focus for the DJRF will be on AFRIKIKO’S, an evolving home-based art studio concept and dedicated space, designed to spotlight artists of all types, and present educational lectures, quality food, and outstanding music. Beverly has travelled extensively, throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, SA and the Caribbean. Future goals for AFRIKIKO’S include sponsoring international travel for cultural exchange.

Dr. Mack has leisure interests in yoga, horseback riding, culinary arts, and ALL THAT’s JAZZ!

Treasa Wright
A native of Durham, has a BS in Biology from NCCU, and has pursued work towards a Master’s in Education. Ms. Wright’s life work has centered around community engagement and small business entrepreneurship. She has instructed African dance, helped to coordinate an arts and crafts festival, is a puppet designer and has done welding. Treasa has been an educator in the Durham Public School System, and is a “Mother Harriet” character actress and story teller. In addition, Ms. Wright has owned and successfully operated both a business as a jeweler and as a restauranteur.
Ms. Wright brings to the Durham Jazz Renaissance Foundation her abilities to plan and organize, to research, especially, avenues for funding, to serve as a creative and artistic resource, and to act overall as an enthusiastic advocate of DJRF’s vision and mission. Treasa is also creating a line of jewelry to sale as a fundraiser project for the Foundation.
Ms. Wright enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and likes to “smart” shop for unique items. She’s always had an interest in music, including Jazz and African rhythms, and likes to sing.

Mawuena Agbeblewu
A 17 year IT Professional based in Durham, NC. Mawuena is also one of the co-founders of African Rhythms Project, a project that brings regular celebrations of African Music and the Arts. Mawuena’s passion is making known to the world, potentials, creativity and talents within the African culture through Music & the Arts. Mawuena hopes to bring to the Board through his extensive travel experience, the development of district, regional, national and global events and activities. Mawuena is excited about the Durham Jazz Foundation being a tie from the remote communities to the prime urban settlements of the world through Music and the Arts.

Charles Robinson
The Durham Jazz Renaissance Foundation (DJRF) welcomes to our Board of Directors, Mr. Charles Everett Robinson. Mr. Robinson joins the Board bringing clarity of thought, scrutiny of language and a willingness to “get the job done” with excellence in organizational skills.  Mr. Robinson’s background includes a J.D. from Washington and Lee University School of Law in Virginia (1983).   From 1983 to 2008 he was a trial and appellate lawyer in both state and federal courts, and his law practice experience included the U.S. Marine Corps from 1983 to 1986, where he attained the rank of Captain; licensed private practice in Oklahoma from 1987 to 1989; licensed and public service with the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office from 1990 to 1993; and, licensed private practice in North Carolina from 1993 to 2008.  In 2010, subsequent to having decided to make a transition from the “courtroom to the classroom”, Charles began a career as a college professor.  Since 2010 to present, Charles has been an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Mount Olive in Mount Olive, North Carolina.

Mr. Robinson’s interests include life member activities in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, church worship at Trinity A.M.E. Zion in Wilson North Carolina, and family life with his wife, Angela, also in Wilson.

Wayne R. Williams
Williams is an undergraduate of Howard University as well as the Howard University Law School, and is licensed as an attorney in each of North Carolina and Washington DC. Wayne has a plethora of experience ranging from private practice and Pro Bono Legal Service programming to Federal Government and Legislature. He is currently working in Non-Profit Law. Dr. Williams is also Founder and Director of the Booker T. Washington Renaissance Curriculum International Platform, the vision of which is to inspire potential and self -awareness by teaching an African American History and Culture Curriculum structured for our community, containing standard knowledge to which we all should be held accountable to understand, which allows our students to learn and interact effectively among themselves and elder role models, locally and internationally.
Dr. Williams is a passionate, energetic, and creative instructor, challenging and encouraging our youth, primarily, but, also our elders, to reach great heights. He is committed to transforming lives through teaching, student organization, leadership, and community engagement. His goal is to produce “change agents, critical thinkers, bridge builders, and global leaders who can serve as advocates and role models for others”.

Andre Nabors