Time is Ending”

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Who we are

“Leaders bringing Jazz to the world”, to empower the human condition,
enlighten the human spirit, and enrich the global community.”

Why djrf

To cultivate, refine and further encourage the understanding and appreciation of the heritage,
culture and origin of Jazz through art, music, supportive education and entertainment.


The basic principle of music is that it is powerful and codified as a healing art. DJRF is rooted in this power, focusing on jazz in particular. DJRF’s mission is to enlighten the human spirit, and empower our community and the human condition.


The DJRF has already granted two $1,000 scholarships to two local educational institutions and plans to continue this type recognition annually, including scholarships for jazz studies, and visual, theatrical, and culinary arts.


DJRF provides through music and space an environment to practice and enhance social skills and human contact. The DJRF band is leading the way in providing a grassroots platform to energize our community and improve our social selves.


The process of the inner workings of the DJRF is all about “connecting the dots” with government, large and small sized businesses and educational institutions.

Community Partners

Empowering the Community through Food, Music, and Art

Hendrick's Chevrolet Southpoint
Harlem Brewing Company
The Imperial Centre
Millennium Hotel Durham

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